About Us

  • Accountability to God in all our humanitarian endeavors.
  • Providing Succor and Support far all vulnerable Children.
  • Maintaining order and safety in our environment for all children under our care.
  • Upholding peaceful collaborations and interactions with all state/federal government ministries and agencies for the betterment of all vulnerable children.
  • Abiding by all state and national laws for the protection of children under our care.
  • Maintaining strong nobility of purpose as founders,care givers, social workers and administrators.
  • Uniting with all other non-governmental organization to uphold the honor of the Nigeria child.

  • To improve the efficiency of orphanages and homes in Nigeria
  • To enhance the reputation and images of orphanages and homes  in Nigeria.
  • To promote awareness of and respect for laws relating to the rights of children.
  • To unite against the violation of child rights law.
  • To promote and encourage a united approach in care of vulnerable children.