President Desk

President's PhotoGlory to God for this first edition of ASOHON newsletter. It is a humble beginning, but like the scripture says, ‘though our beginning might be small our end shall greatly increase’. Kudos to everyone for coming this far in our collective service to humanity and in our various charities. Our calling is a challenging but fulfilling one. We thank our God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ever imagine or think. To Him be glory now & forever!  ASOHON was birthed in the middle of a storm about 5 years ago, when we were all facing the uncertainty and shaking that accompanies CHANGE, today we can boldly say that we are now a stable and strong national association. I was so glad to read the letter of the ministry of women affairs to us dated 27th January 2014 saying “I am to convey the acceptance of the ministry to collaborate with your association on issues relating to children in the state”. I read the special adviser to Gov. Fashola on social development Lagos state, Dr. Dolapo Badru interview with PM news of April 10, where he noted that those orphanages fully accredited to operate in Lagos state were credible and did not engage in sharp practices. We appreciate the special adviser Dr. Dolapo Badru, the permanent secretary Dr. Segun Oshiyimika, the SSA social development Ms. Busayo Ogunkoya for the various positive moves that has enhanced the relationship between homes/orphanages operators and the ministry of youth and social development Lagos state.

I believe it can only get better by the grace of God. ASOHON is determined to promote integrity, accountability, excellence and cordiality amongst members all over the country. We have contacted operators in other states and have gotten positive responses from, delta state, Edo state, Ondo state, cross river state, plateau state and many others. Some states have earlier started their state associations but are making moves to join ASOHON because we are registered and fully established. Let us not forget our main objectives for forming the association, which is to UNITE against any form of injustice to us and to our children. These vulnerable children under our care are our legacy and the fruits of our charitable works. God will help us to empower them to be worthy citizens of Nigeria and to fulfill destiny to the glory of the God we serve. 

I use this medium to appreciate all trustees especially our national secretary Rev. Oyediji for his dynamism. His efforts to speed up the induction of other states and the enlightenment of members through various lectures. I also appreciate Mrs. Oyaide our national treasurer who has been very methodical and accountable in the execution of her duties. 
When I initiated the association in 2009, it was to bring us all together to support and encourage each other, because the calling upon our lives to care for vulnerable children is awesome and very challenging. It felt very lonely having to face the various challenges without someone to say.’ I know how you feel’. It is good to be among those who do not only sympathize but also empathizes.

Thank you all for answering the call to be members. We are grateful for the cooperation of all members and I love & appreciate you all.

May ASOHON go from glory to glory, grace to grace. Amen.

May 15, 2015, Association of Orphanages and Homes Operations in Nigeria (ASOHON) receives AWARD of recognition from Ministry of Youth and Social Development of Lagos State